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4F-PV8 is an incredible compound with IMMENSE potential.

Only about three to five minutes after the man insufflated it, their face started to become numb and the effects of the drug kicked in shortly after. Although there was a desire to redose, it wasn't at a level that was too bothersome... but the man did have a lot for the night, so redosing did happen quite a lot. 4F-PV8 felt like a cross between pure MDMA and Cocaine, or maybe MDPV, since it was very much forcefully euphoric, and brought many great elements from those drugs: extremely empathogenic , very stimulated. Please note that at higher/repeated dosages, 4F-PV8 can induce paranoia, although none of the man felt very paranoid at any point during the trip.

Recommended dose, after some testing is: 60-80 mg first line/bump, then wait until it sets in and decide how much you'll redose - I advise this because PV8 can hit like a motherfucker if you're not expecting its mighty wrath. PV8 is definitely worth it, and is now one of the man' favorite chem's! Who have tried it, say it is not quite as euphoric as a-pvp but is more euphoric than a-pvt. It is not as intense in the body load department as a-pvp and feels less jittery. The duration is up to 6 hours.

Dose: 90-100 mg 4F-PV8

ROA: Insufflation

    Onset: 5 minutes

Duration: 3h30 to 4h