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U48800 Powder This powder when used is classified as a opioid analgesic drug type with the addition of a methylene on a benzene ring and the 2,4 dichlorophenyl replaces the 3,4- dichlorophenyl in the structure. The product is very selective for the u – opioid receptor with a much higher potency than the morph in animal trials. The product is still largely in the development phase and so far the usage has been very promising. The product was developed after researchers noted that the addition of the methylene spacer leads to much higher K – opioid receptor activity. The product is now available online and can be procured from trusted vendors.

4-FIBF (4-Fluoroisobutyrfentanyl ) This product belongs to the 4 – anilidopiperidine class of the synthetic opioids among the internationally controlled fentanyl and its derivatives. The product is manufactured as a tablet, powder or liquid formulation. From research, the 4-Fluoroisobutyrfentanyl is an opioid with dependence potential similar to the fentanyl, prescription opioid and abuse is not recommended. In the cases of reported overdose whether under prescription or otherwise, it has been seen that the effects can be reversed with using naloxone.

MAF (Methoxyacetylfentanyl) The MAF is a potent opioid, with relatively low history of human consumption and thus much care must be observed when they are being administered. Research has shown that when not used well they pose a risk to the body as they have a tendency to cause the habit forming behavior. The product can be commercially used as a pain killing depressant, but may also lead to euphoria in some cases.

 MOF (2.5methyl-mof) The MOF from the plant feed shop has been manufactured to meet high quality standards of hygiene, potency as well as effectiveness. It is a research chemical grouped in the class of benzodiazepines analog, also referred to as “etizolam” and is available in quantities ranging from 1 g to 100g and offered at very affordable prices.

FUEF (Furanyl Ethyl-Fentanyl) The FuranylEthyl-Fentanyl is a product that is structurally categorized as an opioid. The product is relatively new in the market and the physiological and toxicological properties are still under research. It has been manufactured as a white crystalline solid with stability of up to two years. In some areas it has been referred to as white Ice, and research is still ongoing into the various medical and medicinal benefits of the product.

 Hexedrone This is a research chemical with the complete name being n-ethyl-hexedrone. It is also categorized as a stimulant, with its effects very similar to those of the chemical cocaine. It is however different from other stimulants because it is a cathinone and much less a target for prohibition for use. It is a white powder that easily forms clamps and high quality hexedrone is available from the online chemicals store.

Deschloroketamine /DXE /2'-Oxo-PCM1 This product is also very new in the market and research is still ongoing into the potential uses of the product. It is classified as a dissociative compound that acts in the body by binding the NMDA receptor and the serotonin transporter in the nervous system. It is available online with guaranteed purity level of up to 98%.